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Customer Support / Ftp tutorial / How to transfer files using WS-FTP LE

  • Customer Support:

Ftp tutorial / How to ftp using WS-FTP LE

Click and Download WS-FTP LE, select install and it should install for you. After it installs open it up and you will get 2 windows pop up.
The first one is called Session Properties. Below is what information you will need to type into that one. Email your ftp webhost for any of the information below you are unsure of:

Profile Name:
this is any name you wish
usually looks like
Host Type:
usually "Automatic detect"
User ID:
your webhosting account ID
Password :
your webhosting account password
Usually nothing has to be in the Account or Comment. Select "save Pwd" and Un select 'anonymous".
Then press "Apply" then "OK"

You will only have to put all this information in the first time you log into your ftp account.

Now, in the window you have left open, you should notice a left and right side to it.
The Right side is what files you already have in your account so far.
On the left hand side you will need to press the "ChgDir" button and type into that pop up box your hard drive directory (usually c:\ ) then press ok. You will now see your hard drive folders on the left hand side.
Find the folder in which you keep your files that you want to upload and double click on it. You will now notice those files you double clicked on will appear on your right hand side into your webhosting account.

For each html file you upload, you will also need to upload each graphic that goes with that webpage.

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